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let the gardener plant you

Sometimes it is patience that we need for growth to happen. To wait it out, be faithful, pray. In my garden, is true that some fruit can only come at the expense of time. At the cost of maturity. But there are others reasons why growth and productivity can be […]

remember joy

Joy is a weapon. When you hear the old whispers that tell you that you aren’t safe, that no one is. When fear lurches like a shadow in your peripheral sight. When you don’t know why it has happened. And worry tempts. When darkness feels so relentless. Or tragedy has […]

abide in jesus

We can make the Bible say pretty much whatever we want. If you study history, you can see that this has happened many times on a large scale. A twist of this and that to serve an agenda not initiated by the Holy Spirit. Scripture has been twisted to promote […]

extending grace

Have you ever had someone set you free with their words? What about the opposite? Have you ever come away from a conversation and felt so misunderstood, condemned, or boxed in by someone‚Äôs opinion of you or your situation? One time I wrote a blog post that offended a person […]

unfailing love

The love of God, for you, is unfailing. It will not suddenly sink like the Titanic, despite claims of invincibility. It is invincible. It can never be fully explained, putting the wise things of this world to shame, and making the (seemingly) foolish things profound. It cannot be drunk dry. […]