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unfailing love

The love of God, for you, is unfailing.

It will not suddenly sink like the Titanic, despite claims of invincibility. It is invincible. It can never be fully explained, putting the wise things of this world to shame, and making the (seemingly) foolish things profound.

It cannot be drunk dry. It is more valid than your fear. It is explosive and daring and sort of crazy and desperate and free of charge and gentle and heart-aimed and heroic and tiny and deafening.

No matter what you’ve been told, what has been communicated through body language or abuse or tragedy, or how strongly you disagree, God’s love is a fact. An accurate description of reality.

You can find it in your heartbeat, your children’s existence, the terrors you have been spared, the faithfully stunning sunrise, the molecules of all matter. You are loved like crazy, and this particular brand of crazy means that love, the action of Love, Himself, toward you, goes much farther than sentiment.

He is deadly serious. The love of God is as permanent as death. You will never not be loved. You will always be hopefully pursued, through circumstances and loss and gain. The fact that you are breathing is pursuit. Your hope is pursuit. What good you have experienced, that you have a memory and eyesight and the ability to calculate numbers – all of it – is the pursuit of God to bring you close.

Love Himself is not the cause of pain to you in a fallen world that operates rusty and cursed, but rather, in the middle of pain and loss and wandering, He searches through the rubble, sifts through every moment, scans the number of your breaths and monitors the beats of your heart, adamant about reaching you, speaking wild and quiet, holding long and close, calling all things grace, despite constant misunderstanding for its intents.

Can you hear Him? Think back…Can you see Him at work in your details? Can you feel the protection and wisdom and hope? Love Himself is everywhere. His love is the noise underneath everything.

It is woven into the fabric of the universe.

You can relax upon this revelation, like building warm home on solid rock. God’s love is solid. Certain. Imperishable. Immaculate. Incomprehensible. Bearing all, believing all, hoping all, enduring all. You are the recipient of this. And it never fails.


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