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abide in jesus

We can make the Bible say pretty much whatever we want. If you study history, you can see that this has happened many times on a large scale. A twist of this and that to serve an agenda not initiated by the Holy Spirit. Scripture has been twisted to promote slavery, genocide, racism, misogyny, control, abuse, materialism, poverty, etc. We can do this in our own lives too. Maybe not to massive, violent, historic proportions, usually, but when we step out of sync with the Spirit, when we don’t wait or ask for His leading, His timing, His voice, His breath, before we speak or write or act, we can embark on and lead others toward detours of legalism, fear, confusion, unbelief, idolatry. We can trust our own way, instead of learning His. We can deify self – the definition of pride – instead of humbly trusting Jesus. 

The Spirit and the Word work together to fulfill the will of The Father in your life. They are an inseparable team. You need all three. Having one without the other is like trying to live your life without a body, or mind, or spirit. You are also in three parts, fashioned in the likeness of your Creator. It’s not possible to live well fragmented. There will always be something missing if we are not in possession of wholeness. And it’s not possible to truly know God and hear His voice without acknowledging Him wholly.

He is Father, Son, Spirit. We need to know the love of our Father, our belovedness and identity as His children, which comes from knowing His Word. We need to know His Word, the whole counsel of it, in order to live well. We need His Spirit in order to handle His Word correctly, with timing and power and vision, and not twist it to satisfy our own plans.

Spiritual books are great, often full of insightful nuggets and the power of testimony. I have hundreds of spiritual books on my shelves. They have helped me overcome, find comfort, study, understand. But we can tend to focus on those, and grow imbalanced. His Words, which are living and powerful and sharp, surgical in their precision, beautiful and sometimes painful in a way that leads to detox and healing and wholeness, are the ones that will feed and satisfy. 

Jesus said that apart from dwelling in Him, the Word made flesh, making Him our home, and being home to Him, we could do nothing. 

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

This is a huge statement.

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. If you are His, no law is hanging over your head. Only an invitation to liberty and grace. A grace to live life with strength and focus and power. Grace for miles.

Find life today in Jesus. Abide in His Word. Ask His Spirit to breathe on it and reveal fresh hope to you. Ask to know the empowering grace that is yours. His Word will fill you with discernment and strength. It will encourage and revitalize. It will give you wisdom. It will reveal the truth. 

Do you want these things? Life, hope, power, grace, discernment, strength, encouragement, revitalization, wisdom, truth?

He is the Way.


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