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easter: the promise of spring

Sometimes it seems as though winter has lasted years. And then we feel a stirring, a rousing underneath all the old cold. We think and even start to declare that “surely spring will be here any second, and good riddance to winter!” We sense and even long for the change […]

keeping jesus first

As those in various God-given ministries – pastoring and mothering and serving – ministry in all its beautiful shades and textures, we must remember that it is not service that rejuvenates us and keeps us fresh. Or duty. Or even faith. It is not performance, or others’ notice of it. […]

drought tolerant

If you are a person called to discern and tell the present tense truth, if you are prophetic, there will always be attacks on this. They come in all forms: temptation to lie, fear of man, mockery, scorn, humiliation, ridicule, insecurity from childhood neglect, condemnation, distraction, lack of spiritual/emotional support, […]