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for days when you are struggling with anxiety

For days when you are struggling with anxiety. For nights when panic and worry are death-gripping your heart and whispering lies of helpless dismay to you. When morning comes tossing and turning, and your mind knows it’s not the right path, but your heart keeps succumbing to the fear. When you’ve come from a long, long line of worry…
We need a greater understanding of peace.
Did you know that one of God’s names is peace? Jehovah Shalom, which means “the Lord is peace.” He is actually Peace personified. Breathe that revelation in for a moment…a deep breath of good knowledge…
So, I believe that if you start asking Jehovah Shalom to come and fill you with His Presence, to show you His face AND hand, to lead you and speak to you, that He will. Keep asking. It might take a couple of days or weeks to start to actually feel a change in your thoughts and emotions, just like anything. And sometimes it can be instant.
But if you are a child of God, there are benefits. Just His name has power and authority in your life. This verse, just 6 words, has been talking to me loud for over a year.
“For He Himself is our peace…”
Eph 2:14
Don’t give anxiety an inch. Stop it cold at the door of your mind. Don’t waste energy and strength on a fight that was already won for you. Ask Jehovah Shalom to come live in ALL of your spaces. You have the power to walk in victory over fear and worry. You already have the solution. Simply ask. Keep asking until it shifts.
Because, actually?
You come from a long, long line of Peace.
It’s part of your inheritance.

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