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drought tolerant

If you are a person called to discern and tell the present tense truth, if you are prophetic, there will always be attacks on this.

They come in all forms: temptation to lie, fear of man, mockery, scorn, humiliation, ridicule, insecurity from childhood neglect, condemnation, distraction, lack of spiritual/emotional support, wounds and betrayal from friends and family, loneliness, attempts to undermine your calling because you’re a woman, attempts to silence you as a man, misunderstanding, abuse, manipulation, intimidation, control.

Just look at the prophets in the Bible. Half of them were being constantly hunted, the other half consistently misunderstood. Only a few could actually hear them. Today, their old words burn a hole in our hearts, FULL of His voice. But they were so rarely validated by the masses.

See things for what they are. A wise man/woman “learns and increases learning.” Realize that having this gift makes you dangerous to darkness, for you are able to supernaturally speak light and freedom and hope and comfort, not just for today, but as a catalyst for future generations, and understand that you will need to learn how to fight. How to wear armor.

Understand that you are called to hear, to see, to say, and put all of it into God’s hands. The battle, the accusations, the frustration and anger, the loneliness, the struggle. He will take care of you, lead you, protect you. Even in the wilderness He has a path. Some of the best sprinters/runners in the world were trained in refugee camps, or extreme poverty, without shoes. Some of the best prophets were trained in the desert, without a support system.

Your weaknesses are actually meant to become STRENGTHS.

God is calling His prophets to speak to this generation, this culture. He is speaking new boldness and comfort into the church, fierce love, and mercy. He is clearing the way for many to come Home, or to come back Home. There is an increase of spiritual activity everywhere.

All of Heaven sees what unfolds on earth, and still they cry Holy, holy, holy, in eternity, unfazed by all the chaos and foolishness. And you can too.

If you have this spiritual gift, or are called to the office of the prophet, and feeling discouraged, hidden, out of season, unseen, join in Heaven’s worship. Give all of it to Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him. He is holy. Everyone will not understand who you really are. Almost always the people you come from will not immediately validate you. Sometimes they never will. But validation from people is not the goal. It can actually be a deadly trap.

Trusting in the Lord is the only safety. Allow Him to move you forward in His timing, and backward too, into humility. There are full seasons of humility. He is always doing a thousand things at once. Deepening our understanding, widening our capacity, strengthening our discernment. The way to make a plant strong and durable is to only water it minimally. It is forced to send roots deep. Plants that are watered every day have shallow root systems, easily wilt, and are focused on water instead of bearing fruit. You are meant to be strong and deep, and to bear fruit.

You are called to be drought tolerant.

Trust Him, stay humble, and He will exalt you to whatever ministry you have a burning desire for, at the right time, in the right way. He won’t permit you to slip and fall. He’s got this.

“Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.” Psalm 55:22


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