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easter: the promise of spring

Sometimes it seems as though winter has lasted years. And then we feel a stirring, a rousing underneath all the old cold. We think and even start to declare that “surely spring will be here any second, and good riddance to winter!” We sense and even long for the change of a season before it ever becomes a visible reality. There is a healthy impatience, a ripening in our hearts, a readiness to move forward into new growth, new country, new hope.

This is part of life. Life is seasonal. Genesis 8:22 says that as long as the earth remains, there will be seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night. This is not just a physical promise for the natural world, but it has spiritual implications too.

There are spiritual seasons too. Spiritual winters, spiritual springs…

I am asking you to take inventory of your life this week, as we head to Good Friday when we symbolically celebrate the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Which is also the winter of this particular Story, the planted Seed that is required to die in order to germinate and sprout and begin to make its way up through the darkness of Roman oppression and centuries of sacrifice and the Law written on stone and God in a Tabernacle and a Temple, and an old covenant, into the light of spring: Jesus living in our hearts, His law written there like a tattoo, perfect freedom and grace, wholeness, and everything made new and alive. The internalizing of an entire Kingdom, in order to truly change the world.

Sometimes we forget this. That it is from the inside out that He works, that He builds, that He speaks. We can get caught up in externals.

Onto the root of Jesse, in the line of David, is grafted a Tree like no other, able to bear fruit never seen before…

The harvest of this story is you. Your heart, your yes, your homecoming, your future, your total restoration to shalom, the perfect peace and harmony of God.

Easter is all about seedtime and harvest. And spring.

Do you need some spring in your heart this year? A spring in your step? Have you felt frozen and frosted through, longing for warmth and fresh hope?

He has been planting seeds in your heart your whole life, against this day when you would be ready. Every sunrise is a seed. Every grace. Every moment of beauty. Every inspiration and kind word. Your children. Your dearest friends. Do you see them? Seeds, every one, planted to grow up into a forest of His love and mercy toward you.

Do you sense this change of season in your soul? Maybe it’s time to make a new start.

I pray you’ll know the thawing, disarming, wonderful embrace of Spring Himself in your heart this weekend. That you will sense the timing of every seed, and realize the fullness of a love for you that cannot even be measured. May the Son rise in your heart and warm the soil and bring new life, as we celebrate the Death and the glorious Resurrection.

He is risen! Indeed!

And so we can be too.


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