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a brush dipped in spring

We all get to the point of weariness and sometimes, we think we just want to veg out in front of a screen with the latest BBC. Gah I love BBC…

But no. Change it up. Infuse your eyeballs with light and beauty. Go outside. Go for a walk. Listen to the sky. Hear the birds, the grasses bending sideways under the wind coming off the mountains. Does the sky make a sound, you ask? Why, yes! If you close your eyes and listen, you can hear the under-hum of this speeding planet, this held globe, and it is the sound of His heart for you too, with faithfulness as high as the heavens!

The whole earth sings.

What’s that smell? It’s spring! Finally. Let Him speak to your heart as you wander around in your neighborhood, on the hunt for signs. See the bulbs unfolding from the soil, awakening to the light? Everywhere birds are calling to each other like college students, back for another semester after a winter south.

Maybe your heart has been hibernating? Maybe you have grown sick with deferred hope, trying to outlast winter. You did it. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for warmth, long afternoons that seep slowly into evening, prolific growth, flowing water, and excessive light.

Go for a walk. BBC can wait. The early moonrise beckons. The sunset is waiting to tell you her secrets. Hope is in the air. Light is everywhere, lingering. His handiwork is speaking, waiting to fill your heart with wonder.

You are loved. Lift up your eyes. Look outside your drowsy thoughts to the peripheral of His shouting majesty, everywhere!

This is self-care. This is good therapy. The Creation can recharge your heart like nothing else, ever. There are strings in your soul that can only be played by the One who fashioned you, fearfully and wonderfully.

Look. God is painting out there, with a brush dipped in spring.

Go outside. Find His heart in the things He has made. He did not have to make all this beauty. It is a gift for you to open. Meant to restore your soul.


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