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peace like a guard dog

I was praying this morning a little half heartedly, distracted by my to-do list. I was already feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I need to get done today and tomorrow. Finally, I remembered peace and asked for it:

“Father I need peace today, as I move from task to task. I need this anxiety to go. Please let your peace command my day. Please help me not to worry about all there is to do tomorrow…”

Suddenly, I heard Him speak in that tiny voice in my heart. He said, “Peace. Like a guard dog.”

And then He reminded me of Philippians 4:7, which half of you out there can say by memory, and I’ve read and quoted at least a hundred times. But no. I sensed that He wanted me to look closer.

I opened it up and there it was: guard. …”And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will GUARD your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” I found my Greek dictionary and looked up this word guard. It is actually the word keep, which is the Greek word phroureo.

And its no pansy verb. It’s actually a military word. This is what it means:

-to mount guard as a sentinel

-to be a watcher in advance

-to post spies at gates

-to hem in and protect

-to keep with a garrison (a garrison is the soldiers stationed in a fortress or town to defend it)

THIS is the kind of peace God is promising to you if you will only let your requests be made known to Him (4:6). This is a fierce peace, something with a bite, you could even say it is deadly, that gives you future warning of the advance of the enemy (distraction, fear, worry, anxiety, depression).

This peace can surround you, annihilate turmoil, fight and kill lies, and mount a strong defense.

This kind of peace is not messing around. It is serious and Heaven-sent as a result of asking for help.

Are you dreading something that hasn’t happened yet? You can have a bodyguard to keep you safe.

Peace like a bodyguard. Like an army. Like a spy. Like a sniper. Like a watchdog. Like a Rottweiler, trained to dispel nonsense, ready to protect you, alert and sober and vigilant to keep you safe. I have two guard dogs. And they, and especially one of them, are deadly serious about raising the alarm when strangers come onto the property, or even NEAR the property.

This is the picture you need to think of when you ask for His peace. A vicious dog, lapping your perimeter, on mission.

Even when the storm is raging, inside OR outside, you can be surrounded by peace.

I was once in a bank robbery when I was 7 months pregnant with my son Lane. I was a bank teller. They came in with guns on a Friday afternoon and ordered everyone to get down and then they began to ransack our drawers. The only thing I could think or say or even imagine was one word that I breathed out under my breath as I dropped to the ground: “Jesus.” And a thick bubble of peace, tangible, noticeable, protective, fierce, unforgettable, dropped around me and I was literally in total peace. In the middle of a bank robbery. Ha.

Are you in the middle of distress? Exhaustion? Worry? Fear? A to-do list as long as your arm? What is it that you are in the middle of that seems to be eating your lunch?

Enough. You have power. You have an army at your disposal.

Don’t waste another moment unarmed and unguarded. No more excuses. You need this. It’s yours for the asking.

Ask for His peace today.


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