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planted in the house of the lord

“Those who are planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish in the courts of our God.” Psalm 92:13

This word planted (shathal) means, literally, “transplant.” Which, if you’ve known Jesus for any amount of time, you know to be true. He moves us around a bit, leading us to different seasons and relationships and focuses, planting us where fruit can grow. Don’t be afraid of being planted, or transplanted. It’s a little scary to leave what we’ve always known, to walk away from predictable and comfortable and safe, but it is always worth it.

This word house (bayith) means a family, as great as one can contain. We’ve been transferred from the world of darkness into a family, and this “house” you now live (and love) in can be as big (or small) as you can contain. There is so much grace on capacity. Relationship with Jesus leads to more and more freedom, not less. Don’t be afraid to step out in new freedom. Don’t be afraid to choose quality over quantity. Don’t be afraid of what people think. Stay true to what your Father has put in you, and to Him. Don’t overstep. But don’t understep.

This word flourish (parach) means to blossom and fly. This is the plan for you in this house, this family, as a transplant. Planted to bloom. It also means abundantly. Don’t be afraid to dream big. As big as you can contain. He is just getting started. Abundance applies to impact and hope and joy and peace and freedom and wisdom and love and provision and truest Home. Heaven on earth while we wait for Heaven.

This word courts (chatser) means a yard enclosed by a fence. There is a safe place for you. There is a group of people among whom you can flourish and fly. There is a defined role and responsibility, and you are fenced in by purpose. Write down your vision. Don’t be afraid to name the yard inside your fence. Don’t be afraid to be intentional, with good boundaries. This is what it is to have your own space. This is good stewardship.


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