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perspective is a powerful weapon

We often want life to be tidy and perfect, complete in every moment, and full to the brim of meaning.

But it is often not until we have put some distance between ourselves and our moments that we realize the beauty we were surrounded by, the glory of that season, the hope that splashed out. This is the gift of perspective.

Perspective, with time, allows us to cultivate the habits of gratitude and vision. We begin to see what we really have, how special each day, how once in a lifetime our motherhood/marriage/friendships/intersections/opportunities are.

When I stood on the summit of Pikes Peak last summer, after hike-climbing for 11 hours straight, tired, aching, slightly grumpy but overjoyed at the same time (and amazed that we had done it!), I looked out over the vast and stunning panorama.

I saw things I’d never seen before at ground level, made new discoveries with a bird’s eye height, fought back tears at the loud beauty, wowed by the quiet and the light and the texture and the space. I learned something: Perspective is a friend. A wise professor. A gateway to walking well by faith.

“Teach us to number our days,” the psalmist wrote. “That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

There are so many things working together in each day. We look at them up close, and they can seem a dissonant collection of random threads, weird beginnings and endings, unplanned interruptions, conflicts, and unfinished hopes.

But there is something else there too. Back up a little and you can see it. A pattern. A design. A wild chorus of hope and goodness and mercy, surely tailing us like a faithful dog.

“Surely the Lord is in this place and I was not aware of it.” Genesis 28:16

He is he here, in your daily. Weaving, working, singing, lifting. Perhaps we go entire days, even months, trudging along, dutiful and sighing and cynical, forgetting joy and peace and hope, unaware of the song being sung over us in every moment.

If you will grab your perspective, harness your faith (and these are surely acts of will – the heart is a ship that must be steered),

and hold them up like a magnifying glass, you will surely find this truth: Today, you are so unbelievably blessed, so wealthy in love, wonder, timing, and hope, that no weapon formed against you can prosper. You are rich in the love of God. Surrounded on all sides my mercy. Steeped in purpose. And brimming with calling.

This day has a battle in it, which you are called to fight.

Stand firm in your identity as a much loved child of God.

Guard your perspective. Stand sentinel over your joy. Take your thoughts captive today, seeing the truth of what you have been give to steward, to grow, to use. This day is here but once. This season is flooded with glory, only look! Your life is a medium in the hands of an Artist. His wisdom prevails in all things. Trust Him – all His paths are peace.

Perspective is a powerful weapon.


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