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walking happily with jesus

I’ve been studying Psalm 119 off and on for a while. It is full of treasure.

The very first word in this Psalm of 176 verses is “blessed”.

Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord!” Psalm 119:1

This word blessed is the Hebrew word esher and it literally means:


-How happy!



Did you know that a byproduct of knowing Jesus is great happiness? This seems to be forgotten. We can sometimes have an imbalanced view of who Jesus is, because of our experiences, or even what we’ve been told. This is why we must go to Him, to His Word, for ourselves, to learn His character.

I find happiness over and over in Scripture. Gladness and rejoicing and smiling and laughter and desires fulfilled and prayers answered and, yes. Happiness. Which is different from joy. Guess what? You can have both. That’s how good He is. Trials happen. Sorrow is part of this broken world. Seasons wax and wane. But those who know Jesus, continue to seek Him, follow Him, walk in His ways, how happy they are!

All of this can exist in the life of a person at the same time. The bittersweet of being a sojourner, in a land that is not our home, on our way Home, with hearts full of wonder and peace. We walk this life out, following Him into more and more freedom, a deeper friendship with Him, from glory to glory, saturated in grace, laughing with delight at His goodness, weeping at the brokenness all around us.

May you know the full esher of God as you walk with Him.


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