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facing the mountain

Sometimes it takes a while to face the mountain. But perhaps you’ve been skirting it long enough, and this is the year to turn and face it.

Perhaps it’s been a wilderness season, a mountain-skirting span, and courage has (finally) started to build again. Perhaps there’s a yes rising up in your heart, for a new direction, an old dream, with new hope and new challenges and new height. But you are feeling hesitant to step out. After all, you’ve been running on so little for so long – you’ve sort of mastered this. You’ve learned to send your roots deep, to stay steady in drought and desert, to keep going and keep hoping. You’ve learned to shed the excess, listen in and truly hear. You’ve come to the heart of the matter, the point of it all, pared your hope down to In Christ Alone. Muscles have been acquired. You’re just getting used to this kind of hard. In a way, it is home.

But something is stirring.

Do you hear Him speaking, whispering excitedly to your heart?

“It’s time for a new direction. Time to break new ground. I love breaking new ground! It’s time to rebuild the walls, set the captives free, build and fortify, stretch to the end of your reach, expand the stakes of your tent. It’s time to add some elevation to your endurance, some perspective to your pilgrimage. Follow my lead. It’s not by might, not by power that you’ll climb this mountain, scale this wall, test these limits, witness miracles. Not by education or stamina or effort or money or connection.”

“It’s by My Spirit.”

“Let My Spirit lead you into truth. Let My Spirit keep you hydrated. Let My love keep you anchored. I am Your Father: I provide for you. You are My child. Let My Word be your sustenance. Pace yourself. Count the cost. Follow my heart. Stay close to joy. I gave you this dream. No more stalling. THIS is a Divine opportunity. To begin, begin. It is time to climb.”

Then we turned and journeyed into the wilderness of the way of the Red Sea, as the Lord spoke to me. We skirted Mount Seir for many days. And the Lord spoke to me, saying: “You’ve skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward.”‘ Deuteronomy 2:1-2


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