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having perfect timing

Sometimes we are trying to force things to happen at the wrong time, and refusing to see all the opportunities that are ripe and waiting and right in front of our faces. Sometimes, other happenings and connections are ready to unfold with peace and ease and favor, and we are hesitant to step forward in them because perhaps it isn’t what we thought it would be, or it looks strange, or feels out of order to our hopes and plans.

I believe a lot of our disappointment could be avoided if we would just allow God to be in control of the timing of our hoped-for seasons, and follow peace and joy in this season. What is peaceful and good now? What brings joy and is possible, today? We want so many things that He intends to give us, at the perfect time. Marriage, children, a home, friends, adventure, provision, inspiration, clarity, a ministry, a business, a legacy. Or perhaps we want what He has already given to be better, more orderly, unified, successful, and they will, as we patiently follow and trust.

But this season happens once. You will never have this specific segment of time again, with all of its particular furnishings: its hellos and goodbyes, beginnings, endings, relationships, chance meetings, inspiration, flavor, abundance, need, dreams and daily routine. This is it. Perhaps it is hard for you right now. But there is also beauty here, coming from a thousand different directions. There are people you can be close to now, who one day will grow up or live far away, or go to Heaven, or be on a different page. You have need of specific provision right now that you may not have need of this time next year, or even next month. There is something to learn of trust, here. Of walking by faith. There is good weather and warm home and flowing niche here too. Your best days are not just in the future or the past. It gets better, yes. From glory to glory. But it will never be perfect, until Heaven.

Learn to really see what you have in this day. There are hills to climb here, and muscles to gain. There is the travail of praying through some of these storms and battles, of learning how to fight well. There is the skill of having the eyes to see and the ears to hear, what He is doing and saying. There is wisdom.

So much. In this season.

And all your next places and themes and hopes and growth will come out of what happens here.

Like trees, we grow out of our growth.

Though we are always reaching for more of Him, for more of His Kingdom come, to be more like Him in every free and beautiful and abundantly lively way, there is nothing to stop you from stepping into peace and contentment now.

There are untold riches in your current season. Enjoy these moments. Trust your Father.

He holds your life in the palm of His hand. He knows what you need. He knows what you want. He loves you. He likes you.

His timing is perfect.


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