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His mercies are new every morning. His faithfulness is great. These verses (in Lamentations) were written during the Babylonian exile, when the Israelite children had been taken captive by their enemies after a long cycle of disobedience, unbelief, and idolatry. It was all their fault. It wasn’t looking good. They had lost everything – home, livelihoods, temple, freedom. But the story wasn’t over. There was still mercy. The heart of a Father. His love that never fails.

I was feeling the weight of some old heartache this morning. Feeling the uncertainty of a new direction. I asked Him, “what do You want to say to me this morning?” I sat there with the window open, burgeoning with birdsong, roosters crowing in the early dawn, and a cup of coffee held warm against my chest. And waited. I’ve been doing this. Usually He speaks. And then it rose up in my heart, that irreplaceable voice, calm and strong and vibrant and steady:

“My mercies are new every morning.”

And then I suddenly knew it was for you too.

So if you are worn out. If you made mistakes these last days and weeks. If you said and did things you swore you’d never do again. If you lied through your teeth. If you wanted to say so many things and you were silenced, speechless, confused. If you were hoping for something and it didn’t pan out. If you are grieving a season, a person, a moment. Feeling the loss. In a process of pain. Letting go. Breaking off from dysfunction and toxicity. Shedding old skins. Whatever journey you are on. Even hard, dark, windowless journeys of your own doing.

Each morning is a new promise. His voice is still here, waiting to speak. His heart is still fixed toward you. His banner over you is love. And nothing separates you from that love. Not even doubt, or wasted time, or selfishness, or fickle loyalty, or insecurity, or misunderstanding, or pride. His love is the lighthouse in the storm, calling you home. This will always be so.

Let yesterday go. Release it into bigger hands. Walk forward into today. Come home to His love.

Let it fill, smooth, soothe, heal, sing, caress, empower. This morning, there is mercy glowing out from every crevice. You have a Father, good and kind. His eye never leaves you. His mercy unfolds like an endless story.

You and me?

Let’s do today loved.


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