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your artistic calling should not be ignored

If you’ve ever thought your artistic ability and natural creative intelligence was peripheral to the path of your life, think again. We craftsmen and craftswomen, we artists and writers and creators and makers, are endowed with talent and intelligence for creating, an involuntary sense for form and function, because it is part of our design and calling. A design that, when surrendered to Holy Spirit, is activated, filled to the brim with life-giving inspiration, and calls us to excellence.

Do not discount your creative ability. It was meant to cause the eternal ache of homesickness for true Home in the hearts your art connects with. This is simple. This is profound. There is something of Heaven in beauty…our hearts long for the fulfillment of it, for the quenching of our thirst for Home. It whets our appetite, gives us a second wind, lifts us to a new plane of hope/love/humility/understanding. Art feeds us in a way nothing else can.

Do not belittle this propensity in your soul.

Rather, cultivate what you have been given. Become a master of your craft. Stay focused. Stop comparing yourself. Listen. Hear Him speaking, leading, moving you? Follow the sound.

Perhaps the Creator of light and color and element and medium would like to paint/sculpt/fashion/write/sing/build/compose something uniquely full of His breath and hope, in your life and with your gift. What if your instinct for adjectives and nouns and storylines are a reminder of something much bigger? Could it be that your ability with paint or wood or fabric or stone or metal or paper was meant to speak to eternity in someone else’s heart?

Perhaps your ability to hit notes that no one else can hit, is a summons to those who are far from Home, to come, and sit at His table and feast on an everlasting love.

To flow from a place of true identity and wholeness, as a child of God, and to rise to the artist calling on your life – that sings out in your dreams and heart and love – to engage with the world from this place is the truest form of ministry that exists. Honest, connected, sincere, authentic, inspired, inspiring, and full of joy.

How can the world not be homesick when you are walking in the ripe fullness of your unique calling?

Artist, create. Stay awake to your creativity. Take creation seriously. You are made in the image of Creator.

And He takes you very seriously.


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