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when you feel rejected or ridiculed or devalued and you realize you need healthier relationships

When you feel rejected or ridiculed or devalued by church people, know that Jesus did too.

Sometimes church people mess up.

Sometimes they miss the forest for the trees. They’re human too. We are all on a journey. Sometimes our journeys clash. Often we only have a measure of clarity specific to our season, and we plow through people’s hearts without kindness or regard.

But if this is you – if this has happened – if you are struggling, can I remind you that you’re never rejected by God? He has every single hair on your head numbered. You’re loved, even if you don’t feel it today. Even though we need people, they can’t fill us up like we often want them to. So if you’ve been hurt this week by someone you respected and hoped to know better, or someone you thought would respond differently, or someone who isn’t what they seemed, realize that God sees you, loves you, and knows who you need and when. His timing is perfect.

And ultimately, deeply, firstly, you need Him. That is the best starting place for relationships. A place of God-centered wholeness and peace, not lack and turmoil. Grieve the loss of trust/friendship/connection if you need to, forgive the offense, which is nothing more than releasing into God’s hands the person who hurt you and letting go of what you feel they owe you, evaluate your part in it, set boundaries, move forward.

You are worth great relationships.

You are not disposable.

You are valuable, vital, and crucial to your sphere of influence. You are worth quality time, good communication, and sincere interaction.

Jesus gave His life to prove it. If you have realized the need for healthier relationships in your life, and you feel overwhelmed by the process of setting better boundaries, being honest, letting go, moving on, hang in there. This is a process.

One step at a time. Let your Heavenly Father reveal the steps, in His timing, with His peace, full of grace.

Let God bring your people.

Let Him build your tribe.


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