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soul care: a guarded mouth

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23

We want to say the right things to people, full of power and wisdom and hope and truth. We want to make a difference, use our gifts, be heard and valued, matter. But there is a patience to strength. A willingness to wait until the timing unfolds. The wait can be minutes. Days. Years.

God has perfect timing. You’ll know when the door is swinging open on its hinges. You’ll know when you need to speak up.

But there is Holy Spirit power in silence as much as speech. Don’t be afraid to wait until you have something real to say.

The reason it doesn’t flow with some folks is bigger than effort. There is much happening below the surface. You can relax in God’s love for you, be confident of who you are, whose you are. You can relax in His love for others too.

Relax. We don’t have to control conversations, conviction, timing, response. This is a counter-cultural idea. A revolutionary idea.

Allow awkward silences, if you don’t know what to say. Be careful not to get in the way of His work in another’s heart, which is worth a little discomfort for the beauty and peace it aspires to. Don’t wallow in insecurity or regret. Stay honest and sincere. Come clean if you need to, but stay focused.

Guard your mouth. Allow the fullness of time to become part of your strength.

Let Him lead you in conversation.

This is true soul care.


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