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About Me

You can call me Faith.

Theoretically, I like to write fiction. God knows I’ve read enough of it to last a lifetime, namely the classics. But I keep coming back to this place in my writing, not of fiction, yet, but of encouragement and spiritual inspiration for other believers, and even those who don’t yet believe, but feel themselves on a spiritual journey that (I hope) will someday result in belief. There is such a shortage of spiritual encouragement.

It is often just the thing that will keep us going wholeheartedly, especially in seasons of turmoil, tragedy, or drought.

And often, spiritual encouragement is prophetic. The right thing said at the right time. This can have a profound effect on the human heart. Perfectly timed words become priceless treasure in a weary or confused heart. Especially a heart surrendered to Jesus.

So allow me to write to you directly out of the overflow of my own personal relationship with Him, and what He speaks and shows me by His Holy Spirit, in my times of morning devotions in His Word, daily prayer, frequent hikes and treks in creation, and through lessons learned in relationships.

Do you know how loved you are? You don’t have to try to be loved by God. It is an intrinsic and irrefutable fact of the universe.

Draw close. Open your heart. Ask for a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Let Him show you just how esteemed you are in the eyes of Heaven. This is a realization that can change everything.

Here. Allow me to explain…

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